Saturday, September 27, 2014


Bishop T.D. Jakes Plans to Take Legal Action Against Rappers Young Jeezy
"Rappers Young Jeezy and Kendrick Lamar recently dropped a remix called “Holy Ghost,” but one minister isn’t shouting praises to the duo, saying they used his sermon without authorization.
Bishop T.D. Jakes says he never gave the rappers permission to use his sound bite, and he plans on taking legal action. Earlier this week, Jakes posted the following message to his Facebook page:
SPECIAL NOTICE: The “Holy Ghost” remix by Jeezy featuring Kendrick Lamar was produced without the knowledge or consent of T.D. Jakes, TDJ Enterprises, Dexterity Music or its associated companies. We are taking the necessary legal actions to stop the unauthorized use of T.D. Jakes' intellectual property.
In the remix Jakes is heard saying the following:
To tell myself, I’m still on fire. I’m under attack, but I’m still on fire. I got some chatter, but I’m still on fire. I got some threat, but I’m still on fire. I got some liabilities, but I’m still on fire. If it’s not amazing that I’m on fire. I’ve been to hell and back, but I’m still on fire.
Neither Young Jeezy nor Lamar has yet responded to the allegations. Ironically, “Holy Ghost” has been on the top of the rap charts since its release."
After i read the above article,watched the said video then read some tweets and comments on facebook. Tweets like:
"Apparently you can’t just go around using someone’s church sermon without permission."


Facebook Comments like:I may be ignorant but at the end like Apostle Paul said Christ is preached (Phil. 1:18)! What would it look like if Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Father got an attorney and sought to sue preachers whom have profited from the gospel for the intellectual rights from the bible?"

This is the Bitter Truth, there is order in the kingdom of our God, likewise in every sphere of life. If the said rapper quoted Bishop's words by himself instead of using Bishop T.D Jake's original voice directly on his recordings or better still Young Rapper Jeezy should have approach Bishop T.D Jake for permission and obtain legal right before recording.
Please i enjoin critics to watch their post and comments against the man of God as he cannot associate his ministration with worldly rappers. If he has to defend what is right i feel in my opinion he is right.

Life in the Diaspora

A typical African kinsman exhibits a life style which conforms to the environment, culture and people in his society.Soon after migrating either as immigrant or non immigrant to a more developed society with organized and working system in all sectors, life sometimes seems hassling,buzzling and struggling in the first few or more years. Bitter Truth Network is here to expose the truth as helpful tips to those aspiring or prospective immigrant or non-immigrants.These insights will assist you to plan ahead and what you are signing up before hustling for the travelling Visa. As Nigerians we lack Patience, we can be very impatient about everything and anything, from jumping bus queues, lobbying at Banking hall queues to fighting to fetch water at public taps. Instead of following the queues provided, we bribe or lobby our way through by using Oga at the top, God fatherism or using man know man levels. From admissions to high school and  colleges, purchasing one thing or the other from government agencies, employment and lots to mention a few we all lack patience. In fact some Nigerians lobby to jump queue to see their head Pastor for Spiritual needs. We all know what i am talking about. My country men including myself go as far as fast tracking things by all means, either suppressing or oppressing the qualified, the physically challenged even the less privilege, all because of impatience and Government bureaucracy. Upon arrival in the diaspora like United states where everything and anything follows due processes, equal opportunities to all,  poor, rich, middle class and  physically challenged except the Veterans who enjoys Government and public benevolence for their selfless scarifies which doesn't happen in my country. Therefore Patience is a virtue the immigrant learns in a hard way to obtain whatsoever they required to survive. From immigration papers, admission, credit building, court proceeding, licenses of any sorts to anything. As a result lots of frustration and discouragement sets in thereby making newly arrived immigrants wants to return home as they are used to fast track life in their countries. Please before you begin to hassle that Visa....huh, swallow tablets of Patience before you board that plane as your Godfather nor enough cash cannot fast track those wishes. More Lessons and insights about the life in Diaspora from Bitter Truth Network.

Friday, September 26, 2014


•Turkey is in the present day Europe and partly in Asia minor.
 Apostle Paul was a citizen of Turkey
because Tarsus exists in Turkey.
•Christianity existed in Turkey for about 1,023 years while Christianity has only existed in Nigeria for 172yrs starting from when Rev. Birch Freeman came to
Badagry in 1842.
•The seven churches Jesus spoke to in
Revelations 2&3(Ephesus, Smy rna, Laodicea, Philadelphia, etc)existed in the old Turkey.
•The disciples were first called Christians
in Turkey(Antioch)
•Turkey once had the largest Christian
auditorium in Europe called Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.
•Mary the mother of Jesus was taken to
Turkey by Apostle John and till date, her room has become a tourist center.

•Present day Turkey now has 96% Muslims &0.02% Christians(less than 130,000).
•The Hagia Sophia(once largest church in Europe) was taken over by Muslims and converted to a mosque for over 400yrs and later used as an Islamic

•Emphasis on doctrinal differences weakened the Turkish church.
•Rivalries amongst denominations
•Petty politics in church coupled with ethnic bias
•The Turks were building big cathedrals
instead of building men.

•Osman Ghazi discovered the disunity
amongst Christians and used it to fight a Jihad that led to a mass genocide of the Armenians, the Hellen and Turks of that day. In-fact, the weapon of war used was designed by a Turkish Christian.
•Many Christian women converted to Islam to save their lives and some were raped.
•Osman Ghazi started the Ottoman empire which gave Muslims political post and made it a religion of the state.
•Virtually all the mistakes the church in Turkey made, the Nigerian church has made it.
•We are building Cathedrals at the
expense of discipline men.
•Disunity among-st churches
•Ethnicity in the church
•Denominational rivalry, etc.
•Sharp division along doctrinal lines
•The spiritual foundation of Turkey is stronger than that of Nigeria and
Christianity existed for over 1000yrs in Turkey unlike ours which is just 172yrs but Islam Radicalism uprooted it. If it can happen in Turkey, it can also
happen IF we are not careful.
•The menace of Boko Haram has destroyed a lot of churches in the north and it may take another 200yrs to
evangelize Borno state alone.
•There is a secret agenda to Islamize Nigeria & other African nations as
contained in Abuja declaration of 1989.

•HEART-FELT Intercession
•Aggressive evangelism- the terrorist reached out to the youths in the norths first and gave them AK-47 and bombs, if we had reached out to them on time, they'll be carrying BIBLES today.
•Mission support:-God is holding the church responsible for Boko Haram, yet we are blaming the government. If we
had supported missions and missionaries, we would have those
insurgents to Christ long ago.
•Unity of the church is key in winning
this battle. The last but not the least Christians should be actively involve in politics.  ARISE CHURCH & LETS DO THE NEEDFUL.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Life in Diaspora Part 2

Life in Diaspora Part 2.
This  picture depicts the false impression created by New Immigrants .They make believe  that Dollars,pounds or Euros are picked from the streets, woods or plucked from  trees.With these false impressions , they tend to create more pressure on themselves with high and excessive financial demands from friends, family members, associates and acquaintances. Immigrants who wash plates, change diapers, or those who do handy man jobs as well as Janitorial jobs claim they are Directors in Wall Street, CNN or Special advisers to Obama or David Cameron;not leaving out the most outstanding CNA personel who flaunts him or herself as Dr CNA. The truth is most of them are illegal and undocumented residents in the diaspora.Most of them create impression that  they live at Hill Top Mansions and take pictures in every beautiful vicinity they are opportuned to visit. The big lesson here is that as new or prospective immigrants in the diaspora, be yourself, say the bitter truth about your experiences and condition of life.The truth will definitely educate someone out there.
Trust in God and stay focus; help will come. We all have been there. "All Join.... na Hustling like every other place folks." We work hard to pay bills and Taxes like everyone back home....

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bitter Lessons of Life:

Bitter Lessons of life through Experiences:
Lately i have learnt that one cannot be honest, sincere nor faithful to another except to oneself first. Meaning one can only con oneself.
Another lesson, never ask for what you cannot give, whether material things or non material.
Lastly, no matter how much one tries to cover up wrong doings, one day the wrong doings shall be uncover, destroy, disgrace sometimes kills. Bitter truth! huh.
In like manner i wonder why some folks still wish,think,consider evil, ill luck, ill treatments and sometimes dead for their fellow friends, associates,colleagues, physically challenged, less privilege, the poor, unemployed even fellow siblings. I gat a word for you, the last time i checked, King David had thought of destruction for Odededom and his household when he placed the ark of God in his house after the anger of God kindle against Uzzah. Probably because Obededom was very poor and less important in the city at a time. But King David's action turned Obededom a wealthy man within three months after the ark of God was placed in his house. His story changed for good. Therefore be warned as that evil intention and motive of yours may be blessing in disguise for your foes. You never can tell. Bitter truth, huh!