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Animal Cruelty-Sacrifies to goddess-World Biggest Slaughter

A  man sharpens his Knife for the sacrifies
Act of scarifies
Motilal Kushwaha a man from Nepal had promised the Hindu goddess Gadhimai that he would offer her a male goat if one of his children found a job. This was like a covenant with the goddess of the community.

Gross! Man Finds Dead Mouse in Middle of His Half-Eaten Sausage

Picture Credit: Daily Mail
There is a reason that food safety standards are important.Otherwise, you just might find a dead mouse in the middle of your packaged meat.That is exactly what happened to one man from Russia, who discovered the dead animal in the middle of his ‘premium’ sausage.

The Only Woman Bill Cosby Admits to Cheating With Says He ‘Drugged and Raped Me Too – and Got Me Pregnant’

Cosby admitted to having sex with Brown in 1997 in an interview with Dan Rather. Rather asked Cosby if there was any possibility he was Autumn’s father.“There’s a possibility,’ Cosby answered to Rather’s amazement.

Horrific Pictures From Kano Mosque Bomb Blast..(Viewers Discretion Adviced)

These are horrific pictures from the bomb blast that occurred at Emir Kano's mosque.Over 200 people have been confirmed dead. Say a word of prayer to the families and loss souls.

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Stunning: Check out Tiwa Savage's Outfit At The 2014 Chanel "O" Award In SA

Check out Tiwa Savage  outfit at the just ended 2014 Channel O Awards presentation in South Africa . Gorgeous is the word ! . Feed your eyes with some beautiful photos

She won best female video of the year For her single "EMINADO" Check it out..

Ashiru, Ex-Foreign Affairs Minister Dies at 66

A former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Olugbenga Ashiru, on Saturday died in a South African hospital after a long battle with a terminal disease said to be brain tumour.

Human flesh, Blood Litter Kano Mosque

Pieces of flesh, blood splatters, broken floor tiles, abandoned footwears and prayer mats littered Kano Central Mosque on Saturday when the Emir of Kano, Muhammed Sanusi II, visited the worship centre following multiple bomb explosions in the mosque on Friday.
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Hosni Mubarak Court Charges over 2011 uprising deaths In Eygpt Has Been Dropped

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 A court in Egypt has dropped charges against former President Hosni Mubarak over the killing of 239 protesters during the 2011 uprising against him.The Cairo court erupted in cheers when the judge said Mubarak should not have been a defendant in the case as the charges against him were added late.

Overland Aviation Plane Crash Lands In Ilorin

The Overland aircraft that crash landed
About 40 passengers and crew of a Lagos bound Overland aircraft escaped death in Ilorin when the plane crash landed at the Ilorin airport.
Among passengers on board was a member of the House of Representatives, Ali Dodo; and former Vice Chancellor of University of Ilorin and now Secretary General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Professor Ishaq Oloyede.The crash occurred at about 4:35 p.m. on Saturday and it immediately caused pandemonium as firefighters quelled the fire outbreak that resulted from the crash.
The plane which was heading for Lagos stopped over at Ilorin to make a drop off as well as pick up other.According to reports, the plane failed to get its front tyres off the ground leading to the accident.
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Funny : Virgin America Flight Diverted by ‘Unruly, Masturbating Passenger’

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A Virgin America flight heading to Los Angeles made an abrupt and sudden stop in Nebraska after a passenger would not stop masturbating.According to the FAA, a Boston to Los Angeles flight was forced to land in Nebraska because of a “medical emergency” in October.

First Anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s death: 6 Minutes, 7 Seconds of Noise- Silence for the ICON

Late Nelson Mandela
The South African government will lead an international moment of noise and silence on the first anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s death, the former president’s foundation said Saturday.

Why Nigerians Abroad are More Tight Fisted Than Tyson About To Hit A Knock Out

This is for my fellow Nigerians. This is about you! Hope your guitar strings are well tuned because this may hit some chords. Like a fifteen year old girl finding love for the first time some of you are going to catch feelings but not to worry because this is reality. Nigeria is a great nation (isn’t that what we are expected to say?) even though things are not going exactly the way we all want, it doesn’t take away the fact that it is a great nation.

Chilean Thief Disgraced For Robbery,Finds Himself Plastic Wrapped to a Metal Pole

Valentino Abeyta Barrera, 32, from Santiago, Chile, learned a harsh lesson in vigilante justice  on Friday. In a cowardly act, he tried to rob an old lady. His plan backfired and a group of people stripped him naked and plastic wrapped him to a metal pole.Barrera was left naked, sweaty, and with his underpants hanging from his ankles for 20 minutes before police arrived. The thief refused to explain to the police why he was there and the woman he tried to rob never filed a complaint.

"Ali Baba" King of Comedy Plans New Year Concert

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I call him "Big Bros" in a bid for him to give Nigerians a most memorable start to the year 2015, Nigeria’s King of Comedy, Ali Baba, is set to organise a unique comedy show laced with music on 1 January.

Horrific :15-Year-Old Indian Girl Fights Off A Gang's Rape Attempts, They Set Her On Fire

The number of rape cases in India keep increasing everyday and it is little wonder that the government is doing almost nothing to instill order and stability. After resisting multiple sexual assault attempts from a gang of men, a teenage girl was set on fire as an act of revenge. The 15-year-old  passed away a week later as a result of the burn injuries she suffered during the attack.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Kardashian's Want Khloe To Break Up With French Montana After He Cheated On Her In Dubai

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khloe Kardashian needs to run for the hills -- away from French Montana -- and that's exactly what her family told her during a heart-to-heart talk Wednesday.Sources familiar with the situation tell us ... the Kardashians believe French has been unfaithful to Khloe, and their evidence centers around his recent trip to Dubai. 

Breaking News: David Beckham Involved In Car Crash After Picking Up Son


A few hours ago, David Beckham and his 16 year-old son Brooklyn were involved in a car crash in England ... Thank God, they both did not sustain any major injuries. According to reports ,the crash went down after Beckham picked up his 16 year-old from soccer practice where he normally plays with a popular youth club team .From confirmed sources, the both passengers in the other car were unharmed as well.

Opps!!! Taking a deep breath folks!!!..Ladies! take chill pill ...Beckam the sexy and beautiful face is still intact.

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SAD News: Anne Nsang- Nkwain Cameroon's Prolific Journalist is No More

Picture Credit : (Alex TheDon Facebook Page)
Cameroon has just experienced a  serious blow with the recent death of one of its very popular, most beautiful,talented and  prolific veteran Journalist Anne Nsang Nkwain a few hours ago.Reports reaching our desk says the beautiful journalist who was admired by all on Cameroon Radio Television  (CRTV ) was  diagnosed with stage 4  Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer on March 31st, 2014.

Video: Protests in Nigeria For Michael Brown: What do you think?

A group of Nigerians in Port Harcourt, Rivers, marched out to protest against the shooting death of an unarmed American teenager called Michael Brown. Sahre your Opinion about this.

Insane :Father Handed 13-Year-Old Daughter Over to Cult Leader ‘Who Raped Her For Years’

27-year-old Lindsay Tornambe, who was just 13 years old when her parents handed her over to a cult that sexually abused her for a decade, has now confronted her father in an emotional interview on Dr. Phil.Victor Barnard, the leader of the River Road Fellowship in Minnesota, selected Tornambe to be one of his 10 ‘Maidens.’ As a ‘Maiden’ Tornambe went on to experience a decade full of sexual abuse at the hands of Barnard.

Elderly Afghani Mother Kills 25 Taliban Militants After They Gunned Down Her Son

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In a truly amazing story of revenge, an Afghan mother killed 25 Taliban Millitants and injured 5 more in a seven hour shootout after they murdered her son.The mother, Reza Gul, watched helplessly as her son was ambushed as he manned a village checkpoint with a small team of police officers.

"I Am Sorry", the Uganda Nanny who Battered 18 months Old Baby ask the World for Forgiveness.

There's absolutely no reason in the world for severely battering a helpless 18months old but the nanny who is currently in Prison awaiting trail for attempted murder of baby Arnella trties to explain why she did it and begs for forgiveness. She's due in court again on December 8th.Speaking from Luzira Prison, Jolly Tumuhiirwe told

Nanny with the cloth she wore on the day she did the act

US Announces New Visa Processing For Nigeria

Picture Credit: Scan News
The United States (US) Embassy in Nigeria lastTuesday, announced opening of its new DHL Document Collection Centre in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, saying applicants who are interviewed in Lagos or Abuja can now choose to pick up their passports in Port Harcourt, in addition to existing facilities in Abuja and Lagos.

Dokpesi’s Son takes over as DAAR Communications Plc New Chairman

Chief Raymond Paul Dokpesi Jnr
The DAAR communication Nigeria broadcasting outfit, Daar Communications Plc, owners Raypower and African Independent Television, AIT, DAAR Sat and Faaji FM now has a new chairman.

Ray Rice Wins Appeal & Reinstated Back to Baltimore Raven

AP Photo
Embattled football player Ray Rice was reinstated to the NFL today after appealing the league's suspension following a video that surfaced showing him beating his then-fiance in an elevator.Former Baltimore Raven running back Ray Rice has won his appeal of an indefinite suspension.Rice is now eligible to sign with any NFL team.

Dad Saves His 12 Year Old Girl From Prostitution After Tracking & Beating Up Pimp

Brian Jones (The Pimp)
A 12-year-old girl in Tennessee was saved from a life of forced prostitution when her father tracked down and beat her alleged pimp with a baseball bat.The girls father told police that Brian Jones (pictured) had already forced his daughter to have sex with several men inside Jones’ Memphis apartment.

Fake Majid Michael, Nigeria's 37 Year-Old Kelvin Ogodogu To Spend 10 months In Ghana Prison

Fake  Majid Michael on Left and Real one on right
Nemesis has finally caught up with a 37-year-old Nigerian, Kelvin Ogodogu, who impersonated Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel and attempted duping his unsuspecting fans via social media.Kelvin has been apprehended by the Ghana police, charged to court and sentenced to 10 months imprisonment with hard labour.

Mikel Obi Gives Boo, Olga Diyachenko The Most Passionate Kiss Ever

Picture Credit: Nairaland
Nigerian soccer star, Mikel Obi and his boo are so sprung on each other and it seems like they have so much love for one another.Olga Diyachenko who happens to be the daughter of a Russian Millionaire shared the romantic photo via her Instagram page. What a sweet way to start a new day! Love in Tokyo....My Ibo brother small! small!!
Source: Nairaland

Kano Mosque blasts: 92 Dead at one Hospital Morgue

Picture Credit:Nairaland
Yesterday at least 92 people have been confirmed dead at one hospital morgue following three explosions in Kano. Earlier, 64 people were confirmed dead and 126 injured on Friday when two suicide bombers blew themselves up and gunmen opened fire during weekly prayers at a mosque of one of Nigeria’s top Islamic leaders.

Obafemi Awolowo University Students Boo, Stone President Jonathan In Ife

There was unrest on the campus of Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State, southwest Nigeria, on Friday, 28 November, 2014 as students of the institution hauled stones and sticks at President Goodluck Jonathan during his visit to the campus.
Picture Credit:Osundefender
President Jonathan, notable traditional rulers in the southwest and politicians had attended the Yoruba Unity Summit organised by the Committee on Yoruba Progress, southwest geo-political zone of the country where the president was endorsed for his re-election in the 2015 general election.
But the placard-wielding students of the institution who had converged at the Oduduwa Hall, venue of the conference to protest what they termed “rot in the educational sector” booed and stoned President Jonathan while entering the presidential chopper few minutes after the summit.

Tonto Dikeh Officially Lunched Her Foundation

Controversial Nollywood actress and budding singer Tonto Dikeh has taken her strides a notch higher by officially kick starting her non-governmental organization ‘Tonto Dikeh Foundation’ aimed at reaching out to victims of sexual assault/violence, orphans and molestation.

Breaking News: Cameroon Suspends Critical Journalists

Peter Essoka, acting president of the Cameroon Communication Council
 Cameroon officials have banned six journalists from exercising their profession and ordered a stop to several critical radio and TV programs.Cameroon’s National Communication Council said it suspended journalist Parfait Eyissi of Vision 4 TV, who anchors the program “Major Issues,” for insulting Martin Belinga Eboutou, director of the civil cabinet of Cameroon’s president.

Femi Kuti Did Not Father 2 Out of His 5 Kids,DNA Test Revealed

Afrobeat maestro and Grammy nominated artiste, Femi Kuti recently revealed in an interview with Encomium magazine that two out of the 5 children he always thought were his children were not actually fathered by him.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Well, you know what it means when Beyoncé a music goddess decides to release a selfie video of her epic album.Last week Jay's first lady Queen Bey finally released last year’s epic album Beyoncé on Spotify, and the timing couldn't be better for the streaming platform.Check out the fun “selfie” music video that Bey released last week for the other fresh song on the album, “7/11.”


It’s already grabbed a whopping views!A ‘platinum’ edition of last year’s surprise Christmastime release is now available, including several bonus songs to the Beyoncé experience.

Boko Haram-35 Feared Dead in Adamawa Roadside Bombing

Picture Credit:(PR Nigeria)
The explosion reportedly went off in the Mararaba-Mubi area of the state on Thursday, November 27, killing the victims instantly.A roadside bombing orchestrated by Boko Haram has claimed 35 lives in Adamawa State, according to reports.The explosion reportedly went off in the Mararaba-Mubi area of the state on Thursday, November 27, killing the victims instantly.

Buhari's Private Jet Denied Landing Right At Makurdi Airport

The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), denied Buhari land permit in Makurdi, the Benue State capital.The party members, who had thronged the airport early Wednesday in their numbers to receive Buhari were disappointed with the news of not granting land permit to their aspirant and had to disperse.The state chairman of APC in the state, Abba Yaro, who spoke to newsmen in Makurdi, on Wednesday, said the authority of the airport denied the presidential candidate land permit with no reason given.
Yaro said Buhari was scheduled to visit Benue, so as to meet and consult with the delegates ahead the party presidential primaries, coming up on December 10.
When CKN Nigeria contacted the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NEMA) and FAAN for the reason Buhari’s chartered plane was not cleared for landing at Makurdi Airport, the GM Public Affairs of FAAN Mr Yakubu Dati  said the agency was not in the position to speak on it, saying the airport was under the control of the military and not FAAN.

Source/Picture Credit:CKNnigeria

30 Terrorists Killed in Borno

Members of the Civilian Joint Task Force (Civilian JTF)
Heavily armed terrorists invaded the Gubio Local Government Area of the state but the attack was repelled by members of vigilante group, Civilian Joint Task Force (Civilian JTF).According to reports, about 30 members of Boko Haram have been killed in Borno State after a failed attack on Thursday, November 27.Heavily armed terrorists invaded the Gubio Local Government Area of the state but the attack was repelled by members of vigilante group, Civilian Joint Task Force (Civilian JTF).Members of the CJTF were reportedly informed of an impending attack on Gubio by good Samaritans who sighted the Boko Haram members in nearby Kareto.

Nigerian Petroleum Minister Elected 1st Female President of OPEC

Diezani Alison-Madueke (AP)
Mrs. Alison-Madueke, who is the first female to occupy the position, was chosen today, November 27, 2014, at the ongoing General Meeting of the organization in Vienna, Austria.Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke has been elected president of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Nick Cannon Actor claims he had sex with all Kardashian sisters

Nick Cannon is single and speaking about his past...including information he shouldn't be telling an audience on radio... like exposing the women he'd have sex with!During a recent radio interview , Cannon was asked about the chicks he'd hooked up with before he got married to Mariah Carey.

Pictures:President Jonathan Cleared to Contest 2015 Elections

President Goodluck Jonathan has been officially cleared to contest the 2015 elections on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
President Goodluck Jonathan has been officially cleared to contest the 2015 elections on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).The president went through the usual screening procedure of the PDP which is part of the process leading up to the primaries and ratification of political aspirants of the party.At the end of the exercise, Jonathan, who is now the party’s sole candidate after Abdujalil Balewa, the son of the late Nigerian Prime Minister, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, stepped down for him, received a screening certificate.

Breaking News: 63 Senator Secret Plan to Impeach President Goodluck Jonathan

SIXTY-three senators as of Thursday have signed up to the plan to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan in the upper legislative chamber, The media learnt in Abuja.One of the arrowheads of the move to remove Jonathan in the Senate showed our correspondent the list containing the signatures of the senators.The source said eight Peoples Democratic Party senators were among the signatories to the planned impeachment notice.