Friday, October 30, 2015

Amazing Video: Check Out this Nigeria Man who Built Functioning Drone with Local Materials

I found this video in facebook and it quiet amazing. Drone built and constructed in Nigeria with local material. This guy has no business to be unemployed. He has no business outside the government plan to develop technology in the country. There are several talented individuals in the country most have them could not endure the suffering of lack of support and motivation by the system to tap from their God given talent , and they have ended up in different forms of crime to keeping body and soul together. Some of them are now drug traffickers, cyber crime specialist and worst still wasted drug addicts. This guy is change compliant but where is the vehicle to transport him to his destination. The vehicle of change is the only missing factor . Nigeria now needs a system that can provide for these talent and if this government is serious with the change its talking about its time to walk it . The ingredients are abound every where you turn to in Nigeria. The Video will surprise you... Watch the Video

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