Sunday, January 5, 2020

Police Exhume corpse of female LASU student Allegedly Killed for money Rituals by Boyfriend (photos)

Police exhume corpse of female LASU student allegedly killed for money rituals by boyfriend (photos)
The Commissioner of Police in Osun state, Babatunde Kokumo, today led a team of police officers to exhume the decomposing corpse of female Lagos State University student, Favour Daley-Oladele,  who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend, Owolabi Adeeko, for money rituals.

Recall that in December 2019, Owolabi was arrested by the police for allegedly luring Favour to a church in Ikoyi-Ile, where she was brutally murdered with the intent of using her body parts for money rituals. Owolabi confessed to the police that her heart, breast and other vital organs were removed to prepare a concoction by Pastor Segun Phillip of Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Solution Chapel. The concoction was reportedly eaten by Adeeko and his mother. The trio have since been arrested by policemen and are currently being interrogated.

Police exhume corpse of female LASU student allegedly killed for money rituals by boyfriend (photos)

For further investigation, the police commissioner led a team of homicide experts to the church where late Favour was buried in a shallow grave. Her body was exhumed and will be taken in for an autopsy.

Police exhume corpse of female LASU student allegedly killed for money rituals by boyfriend (photos)

Speaking to newsmen, CP Kokumo said

''We are all aware of the gruesome killing of a student of LASU. The killing has been traced to Ikoyi -Ile. In furtherance of the investigation started by the Ogun State command. We have brought our homicide experts to exhume and help in the furtherance of the investigations started by the Ogun State police command with a view to prosecuting the suspects.
It is a gruesome murder and the whole thing is quite horrible. We will not fold our arms and watch lawless citizens take laws into their hands, destroying peoples lives.
We have been informed that we have a number of churches in this community. It is our responsibility to conduct our investigation. What we are doing is intelligence policing driven by the people’s need. If the community are making us know that they are no longer comfortable with the number of churches in the community or the calibre of such people running the churches then it becomes our responsibility to conduct an investigation on their activities and check them.
My advice is that parents have a lot of roles to play. We have a lot of children in schools, the parents owe them the responsibility to let them know that apart from their academic pursuit they must see to their moral training. It is only when the two are well combined that you can have a complete human being. They should see to the peer group they belong''.

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